The Best Tequilas of 2021

One of the oldest spirits made in the world, tequila traces its roots to the Aztecs. The tequila family of agave spirits also includes Mexico’s pulque spirit, mezcal and sotol.

There are strict rules when it comes to tequila’s production, including region and age statements. There are over a 100 different species of agave that can be found in Mexico but blue agave is the principal plant used in tequila production. And all tequila must be made with at least half blue agave.

The premium tequila market is booming and these 14 reposados from our Top 100 Spirits list of 2021 are the best we reviewed this year, perfect for sipping on their own or mixed in cocktails.


Partida Reposado Tequila; $44. The citrusy, zesty aroma suggests grilled lemon and dried oregano. The palate opens lightly with coconut… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW